Facts About the Different Types of Light Switches


Proper illumination is essential in the office and other commercial establishments. The entire lighting system must be working together to achieve the desired result. The lighting system may include the fixture to the bulbs, the light switches, lighting control, and others. The most noticeable part of the lighting system is the switch.

There are various types of light switches that you can choose from. Some people are not familiar with switches so we have written this post to help you pick the light switches that will fit your establishment.

Types of Light Switches

Those who are not that particular with the light switches, they would just buy the first switch they find in the hardware or online. But for those who want to make their light switch stylish, they would compare one type to others before making a purchase. Below are the different types of light switches and their features.

Toggle Light Switches (Single or Double Pole)

The switches that are commonly used in residential, industrial, and commercial settings are the one or double pole toggle switches. For easy turning on or off of the lights, the switch sticks out. It operates on a simple circuitry using a two-way operation. The circuit is controlled where the lever rests on the existing controls. Installing the single or double pole toggle light switches is easy and at the same time easy to operate.

Decorative Switches (Single or Double Pole)

This type of switch functions the same way as the toggle switch with two positions to calculate the electricity received. They differ on how the switch was designed. The decorative single or double switch has a flat surface with curves on both ends. You can see this type of switch in residential areas because of its attractive look and the ease of using it.

Dimmable Switches

The dimmable switch is the most common type, having a circular knob or a lever that can raise up to turn on and pull down to turn off. The lever or knob controls the electric current that is transferred from the source of energy to the light to determine that needed lighting level. If you use this type of switch, you need to make sure that you are using a dimmable lamp for better results.

Rocker Switches

This switch is available in both heavy-duty and medium-duty designs. The switch with flat design is most of the time encased in durable materials like rubber. You can usually see it in an industrial setting because it is very durable and a practical solution to light a bigger establishment. The rocker switch provides a fully enclosed device for optimum protection against damages which makes them best for areas with rugged working areas.

Pole Receptacle Combo Switches

This type of switch has a decorative pole design instead of having a toggle style switch. You will also notice that it has another outlet receptacle for electricity as an additional function. This is the best way to maximize the space as well as electrical capabilities without the need to rewire more. You can usually see it in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can check out wholesale light switches online or visit a light store so you can choose the right switches that will complement the interior of your office or house.


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