What you need to do before pressure washing your home


Hiring a company or professional to be your house cleaner has its advantages, but it also comes with some downsides. Apart from invading your privacy, they may not exactly get their job description right and end up not satisfying you. Doing it on your own may yield better results only if you know the right process. This guide explains the steps to take before pressure washing your home.

Determine if its inside or outside the home

Cleaning your home is your responsibility, and it is an important one at that. Besides the fact that you are the one who uses the house and will get exposed, should dirt cause any diseases, it is also your duty to clean your environment. The world is a dirty place with a lot of chemicals damaging the environment, and the least you can do is to clean your home. While it is important, cleaning can be a time-consuming task that will require lots of energy and take a lot of your time. Hence, everyone has a lazy approach to cleaning.  Using a pressure washer for house cleaning will save you a great deal of time, and if you know how to use it well, it will clean the environment excellently. But before you use a pressure washer, determine whether you are cleaning inside or outside. That will provide enough info on the features of the pressure washer to consider.

Buy or rent the best pressure washer

Depending on where you are cleaning in the home, it will be wise to buy or rent a pressure washer. If you are cleaning inside your house with a pressure washer, the pressure from the device will be a bit gentle because there are usually some fragile items in the home. While you can clear some of these items, some are immovable; hence the need for a gentle pressure washer. In that scenario, you can buy the pressure washer because it will still be helpful for purposes like washing your car, amongst other things. On the other hand, if you are washing outside your home, it is not a frequent activity. That means there will be lots of stubborn stains hiding around the house. The pressure washer is capable of removing these stains, but it will require high pressure. The high pressure is enough to break and spoil other items in your home; hence it is safe to rent it for the purpose of cleaning outside your home.

Get the suitable pressure washer nozzle

The pressure washer needs a nozzle to complete the cleaning process. The nozzle may be a mere control, but in a pressure washer, it does more than control. It determines the intensity at which you will wash. There are different colours of pressure washer nozzles, each indicating the degree and intensity of water coming through the device. If you are cleaning inside the home, you need gentle options, but when it is outside, you need stubborn nozzles.

Divide the home into sections

To make your job faster and easier, you may need to create sections, especially when you have only one pressure washer. If you are cleaning inside the home, there are already sections, but when it is outside, you may need to arrange the sections yourself. While sectioning, remember to take out all items that are not strong enough for such pressure.


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