Anime Art: Different Anime Styles You Should Know


If you have a sense of fashion and enjoy exploring different fashions, then you must have come across anime clothes and all they entail. Anime clothing is a style that has its roots in Japan. Now, this article will explore different styles used in anime clothing that you didn’t know about.

Styles Used in Anime Clothing and Art


This anime-style has a sense of romance with a comic touch. It is perfect for any type of audience. In most cases, it is applicable in school, and it is always accompanied by real experiences like the supernatural and fantasies.


Spokon is anime clothing with a theme of sports, friendship, companionship, competition, and physical & mental efforts. The identity of this type of anime fashion includes spectators that create the emotion of wanting to be part of given sports activity and the identity of those who already belong to a given sports activity.


This anime-style has a touch of science fiction. Mecha means mechanical. So, it is simply a robot with different characters in terms of powerful weapons and giant size. In most instances, it is meant to apply to military services.


Gore is another anime fashion style that represents bloody and violent scenarios. This art features hentai, and it is meant for adults. Gore fashion lies under styles that execute romance, black comedy, and intrigue, hence meant for adults.


This anime-style has dramatic images; hence it is applicable to the adult audience only. The dramatic images represented here represent the happenings of people’s daily occurrences.


Meitantei anime art is ideal for any audience. It involves telling different stories that touch different mysteries. In most cases, the stories revolved around the nature of the police.

Maho Shojo

This is among the interesting arts in anime clothing. Here, the characters can protect something because they have magical powers. In most cases, the art revolves around school and social life, where adolescent girls are the main characters.


Another anime art accompanied by comedy is the kimono. This is perfect for a children’s audience, and the main theme involves characters that have animal features.


This one has a touch of love conflicts, comedy, and entanglements that affects teenage girls and women. The main themes are courtship, friendship, and problems girls face every other day.

Magical Girlfriend

This art features a female character in the form of a robot, a god, a demon, an angel, or an alien. The strange female character then creates a relationship with human beings, whether for friendship or love purposes.


Art is a wide term used to describe different scenarios. Anime art and clothes signify different scenarios and happenings with characters. There are many other forms of anime art you can explore, apart from the ones listed above. Which one is your favorite?


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