8 Pressure Washer Fun Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Life Exciting


Pressure washers are a great way to clean your driveway, patio, and sidewalk. They help you get rid of dirt and grime faster than with a broom or brush. But there’s more to pressure washing than just cleaning your house or apartment! You can also use it for different purposes like getting the smell out of furniture, removing hardened mud, paint from walls, making new friends (yes, really), and much more!

These tips will help you break free from boring old-fashioned ideas about what this versatile tool is capable of doing and how it can be used in many creative ways. Below we’ll explore eight examples that show just how creative people have been with their power washers when they’ve let go of traditional thinking. We hope these ideas will inspire you to think of ways that power washing can improve your life!

8 Power Washer Tips and Tricks That Will Change Your Life

1) Driving over puddles of water without getting wet.

Let’s start with a classic example. One Reddit user posted an image of how he used his pressure washer to have fun in puddles without getting wet. He connected the pressure hose to his house faucet, tied the other end to the spray nozzle, then ran it along the sidewalk into a puddle when it started raining so that when they drove their car through, all the dirty water would be blasted away by the stream. When trying this out, don’t forget to use safety precautions because being struck by water at high pressure can potentially cause painful injuries.

2) Electric sander

Have trouble refinishing the floor by yourself? Use a pressure washer! Most of today’s power washers have a variable setting, allowing you to control the water flow from low to high. This feature makes it possible to use your pressure washer as an electric sander. Add some adhesive paper and adjust the settings until it has enough power to remove the surface coatings protecting the wood without gouging into it too much. It’ll save you work hours since you don’t need any extra equipment, just a surface that needs attention and your pocket pressure washer!

3) Cleaning pool steps or walls

Pool steps can get very dirty over time, rendering them unusable. Fortunately, pressure washing can remove almost anything from concrete surfaces like pool steps! Just make sure to close the pool before doing it to prevent the water from spilling in. If you want to clean walls instead of steps, attach a scrub brush or something similar to your pressure washer and use it as an attachment tool. This way, you won’t have to climb up ladders every other minute so that you can reach somewhere high up that needs cleaning.

4) Removing stubborn garden soil

Let’s say someone thought it would be funny if they covered your prized rose bushes with garden soil overnight. What are you going to do? Pull out all those weeds by hand after trying unsuccessfully for hours to remove them with a shovel? Well, not anymore! Just attach a pressure washer to your garden hose and let it do all the work. Apply some extra force if you still can’t get rid of the pesky weeds because the water will be pressurized enough to eradicate anything in its path.

5) Cleaning walls without damaging them

If you’re renting, the chances are that the walls in your apartment or house have been painted over multiple times by different tenants. Now you want to make sure to repaint before moving in, but all those layers of paint covering your wonderful wall is going to take a lot of effort to remove by yourself. What’s a cheap alternative that requires no elbow grease? Use a pressure washer! Most power washers will have a feature that allows you to control how hard the water stream is, so if your walls are fragile, dial it down a notch and let the stream do the work.

6) Washing off paint from someone’s car

Another creative way to use a pressure washer is by blasting dirty paint marks off other people’s cars without putting in any elbow grease. You can also use it to clean others cars for a fee and make some extra cash!

7) Removing black stains from clothes

Not only does the pressure wash work well on your clothes, but it will also prevent those pesky black marks from getting there in the first place. Just turn up the water pressure and blast away those grass stains before they ruin your favourite shirt ever again.

8) Killing mosquitoes without using chemicals

Mosquitoes breed by laying eggs in stagnant water like ponds or ditches, so if you want to get rid of them without using chemicals, all you have to do is block these breeding grounds via pressure washing. If nobody’s around, attach a few soap suds and let the pressure washer do all the work.

9) Cleaning your paver stones

Last but not least – use your power washer on your pavers and give them a nice clean! A cleaner surface will let water pass through more efficiently, which means that pools of rainwater won’t be able to sit there for days. Depending on what you prefer and how dirty your pavers are, you can either attach some soap suds or just plain old water. Experiment and see what works best! Also, remember to test out each type of attachment before using it on your prized possessions since some may come with too much force for specific materials.

Final Words – 8 Pressure Washer Fun Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Life Exciting

As you can see, there are countless ways to use a pressure washer. This is the perfect tool for anyone who needs to get rid of stubborn stains or wants to have some extra fun while cleaning. Remember that power washing is pressurized water which means that if you’re not careful, it can easily damage your home, so always be safe when using this equipment around your garden or house!


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