How to Maintain Your Roll Up Doors Appropriately


Most roll up doors come with a roll up door brush seal to indicate the authenticity of the door. If you want to enjoy your roll up doors, you should buy a roll up door that will stand the test of time. Roll up doors are designed to last for many years, and as such, you will not want to buy one that lasts for a couple of months. Although the maintenance of a roll up door is important to the door’s lifespan, the type of door is important. Even when you do little or no maintenance on your roll up door, the roll up door should still last for long. Of course, if you bought a roll up door from a good source. While roll-up doors are built to last for very long, it still requires maintenance.

Usually, roll-up doors are very strong and durable. These features of roll up doors make it the favorite of anyone that has used it. If you have a roll up door, you will wish it lasts forever. Having a door that offers security strength, amongst other features, is not easy in this time and season. Because of that, we never want our roll up doors to go bad. Luckily, the longevity of your roll up doors depends on you. Your Roll up door can last as long as you want if you maintain it properly. The best maintenance for a roll up door, as with any other thing, is preventive maintenance. Here is how to maintain your roll up door to prevent any recurrence;

Listen to the door attentively

The best way to maintain your door is to have a listening ear to the sound it makes. When you buy a roll up door, it may not make any sound when it is opening or closing. If it is manual, it may make a very normal sound. However, over time, some sounds spring up. When these sounds come forth, it is a sign that you need to adjust or service the door.

Clean the door tracks regularly

Your door rolls up and down because of the tracks that act as the pathway. Because of the constant oscillatory motion, some dirt will build up around the tracks. As part 9f routine maintenance, you should clean the tracks regularly to foster smooth movements.

Constantly tighten the bolts and nuts

A roll up door moves up and down frequently. Sometimes you may need to open the door up to ten times in a day, or even more. Due to these opening and closing, some of the bolts and nuts will get weak, while some will lose. At intervals, it may be weekly or monthly; try to check the bolts and nuts holding the door together. While this is a way to maintain the door, it also helps keep you safe from any mishaps.


Apart from the maintenance steps mentioned above, others include changing the rollers at intervals and adding lubricants to the parts. Also, you should confirm the door balance at intervals by opening it halfway, and if it is an electric door, check cables from time to time.


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