Some Amazing Facts About Your Air Jordans



Have you ever tried Air Jordans before? Or are you planning to buy one? No matter what the case, this guide is a perfect piece of learning for you. Before buying your next Air Jordans, you should be aware of a few facts.

Air Jordans have earned a lot of respect from people since the day they were brought into the market. When anything comes into a trend, it becomes a common practice that everyone wants to follow that trend. However, there are certain factors that might stop you from getting these cheap jordans. These factors can be application, prices, quality, and much more. The guide written below will highlight a few facts that can help you make a better buying decision.

Air Jordans Were Initially Made Out Of Woven Kevlar

The first and most important thing that made your Air Jordan special, is the fabric. They were released in woven Kevlar fabric and that fabric wasn’t being used in any other sneakers of that time. It is to be noted that the woven Kevlar fabric makes your Air Jordans more durable and strong. Moreover, you can gain a heavy-duty look from your Air Jordans if it is made of woven Kevlar fabric.

Air Jordans Weren’t Designed To Be Used In Basketball Court

When the Air Jordans were first released, it was a common debate about what will be the future of Air Jordans. Most people started assuming that these are made to be worn in the basketball courtyard. The assumptions were made due to its inventor MJ. However, due to their looking like daily lifestyle sneakers, they were being worn off the court. The best reason that proves they weren’t made for basketball courtyard is that they didn’t have strong ankle support.

Air Jordans Weren’t Given Preference Just Like Other Sneakers

At first, when the Air Jordans were released, they failed to catch the attention of users. People usually came to stores and bought other sneakers leaving Air Jordans on the shelves. Hence, these Weren’t preferred just like any other sneakers at that time. However, constant improvement in the design and quality of Air Jordans has now increased their value in the market.

Released In A Variety Of Wild Colors

With time, when the Air Jordans started getting popular among people, the owner started releasing them in several wild Colors. Before when they weren’t available in different colors, people used to buy other sneakers. But now when there are hundreds of colors available in the market, people are preferring to buy Air Jordans and show their appreciation for Air Jordans. If you are looking for some amazing Air Jordans, you just need to go to the market and select your favorite wild color.


After knowing about all the important facts connected with your Air Jordans, now you must be wanting to buy one. When buying the Air Jordans, make sure that you buy the right color that matches your dress and personality. Lastly, try to choose the size that perfectly matches your feet size.


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