How to Maintain Quality and Integrity of Lace Front Wigs


Lace front wigs give you a chance to change your hairstyling quickly. If you opt for a 100 percent natural hair wig, you can try multiple hairstyles with styling tools and heat treatments. However, when you have synthetic wigs in your hand, you can’t use a heating tool, but still,  heatless hairstyles are there. Once the party is over, you remove your hair and toss them aside, which is a mistake that costs you the integrity of the lace front wig. So, here are five things you need to do to maintain the quality and look of your hair wig.

Washing Your Wigs Regularly

Whether it’s a natural or synthetic hair wig, it’s good to keep it clean before you start using it next time. 


The question is, how often do you need to wash your wigs? Well, if you use wigs every other day, then giving your wigs a good wash after fifteen days or twice a month is a good wash cycle.

However, when you don’t use a wig more than once a month, wash your wig every 30 days.

Try not to clean your wigs every week; if you do so, it will affect your lace front wigs’ quality and damage their voluminous look. Besides, this action will cut short the lifespan.

Cleaning Products

Your natural hair can benefit from scalp moisture, but your wigs can make the most of it. Therefore, when picking a cleaning product for your wigs, ensure that you don’t purchase a shampoo with sulfate. Keep wigs away from harsh chemicals. Properly wash wigs with shampoo and use conditioner to add sparkling shine to hair.

Storing Your Wigs 

It is always suggested to store frontal hair wigs correctly to keep their quality intact. You can purchase a mannequin head and keep your wigs on it. This way, your lace front wig won’t get tangled, and you won’t have to struggle with it before using it next time. It’s good to brush your wigs gently and then store them, so it’s ready to use for next time.

If your wig is sewn with your hairline, it still needs protection. It would be best to cover it with a silk bonnet and scarf overnight. If you don’t cover it and sleep, then you will have a messy wig to handle after waking up.

2 Things Not to Use on Hair Wigs 

  1. If you have a natural hair wig, you usually apply grease oil and hairstyling creams to increase lustrous appeal in your hairstyle. Well, you shouldn’t use such products. They make your wigs look sticky, and if you don’t wash them properly, grease becomes sticky over time. Dirt build-up on grease diminishes the beauty of your frontal hair wigs. So, you better avoid using some very greasy and oily creams.
  2. Before using any heat styling tool, ensure that you have a hair wig made of natural human hair; if it’s synthetic, you can’t try heat styling. You may wonder why? Well, it’s because heat will melt the material and damage your hair wigs to a great extent.


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